About Us

Previously a polymer clay jewellery designer, my latest work celebrates the alluring charm of floral forms using leather as the centre-piece for my new range of handmade jewellery.

How it all began

Towards the end of 2014, my best friend told me that she signed me up to her work’s Christmas Fete, which was the amazing Dumbo Feather Christmas Fete. 

I was working full-time as a Secondary school teacher, was a milliner by trade and plans to start my own business making wedding dresses.

I looked at her and asked her quizzically what she imagined I would be selling at the Christmas Fete…

She simply replied “I don’t know, you make beautiful things.  You’ll work it out”.

Considering that wedding dresses and bespoke millinery aren’t really great sellers at a Christmas Fete along with being pressed for time, I visited my favourite local gift shop in Hawthorn to get ideas. 

I figured that I would make what was missing in their store, because if it didn’t go well at the Dumbo Feather Christmas Fete, I could take the stock to the gift shop and see if the owner would be interested in selling what I made.

After months of agonising research and development with many broken items, I worked it out and produced a lot polymer clay bangles. 

We had an amazing reception for my new handmade jewellery at the Dumbo Feather Christmas Fete. 

Riding high with confidence about what I made, I took my remaining stock to the gift shop and the owner agreed to take me on… just two short weeks before Christmas.

Christmas sales were amazing and I had a lot of fun making jewellery, so I branched out and added handmade polymer clay rings, necklaces and earrings.

A big change…

In 2017, I decided to take on this business Full-time.  From then on I designed and made jewellery seasonally, which included expanding my range further. 

I also attended more marquee markets in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and ACT. 

My jewellery was stocked in over 20 stores and galleries nationally.

Another amazing and big change

Towards the end of 2019 I came to realise that my passion for teaching and helping students was a big part of what I love, so I decided to go back teaching Full time. 

I also wanted challenge myself creatively and continue growing the business, so I decided to take my handmade jewellery in a new and exciting direction by making leather jewellery.  

I’m fascinated with textures and layering, which has inspired me to design and create handmade jewellery that is distinctive, expressive, lightweight and elegant.  

Each design is hand-cut and formed, layering petals to create textural contracts and dimensions.

We only use leather off-cuts sourced from fellow designers and suppliers that are committed to reducing waste and creating a sustainable environment.